Covid-19 Policy

Policy Changes to protect our clients and staff.

Our team is committed to protecting the health of our patients, clients, and staff members. Please be respectful when interacting with our team members. Rude or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and we will not be able to care for your pet in this situation; your pets’ files will be transferred to another clinic of your choice.

MASKS – not face shields – are required at ALL times when inside the clinic. Please keep your nose and mouth covered, and use our hand sanitizer at the entrances. If you do not wish to wear a mask please call the front desk and we will be happy to assist you curb-side.

If you are sick, or have been ordered to self-isolate, please do not enter the clinic. Please arrange to have someone else bring in your pet. We can communicate with you over the phone during the appointment.

We are allowing clients in the reception area and into the exam rooms with the veterinarian. Only 1 adult person may be in the exam room with the doctor – if the doctor requires an assistant during the exam you may be asked to step outside the room.

Please call well ahead for food and medication refills. There are many delays and shortages due to supply chain issues and stock may be limited or take extra time to arrive. Food and pet products can be ordered from our webstore (search Riverwood Veterinary Clinic and sign up for an account), and can be delivered to you anywhere in the province, or picked up from the clinic for no extra charge. You can save approximately 5% by ordering from the webstore rather than purchasing at the clinic.

We are accepting new patients!

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